Welcome to The Education Conservancy!
Welcome to The Education Conservancy! Established in March, 2004, The Education Conservancy (EC) is a non-profit organization committed to improving college admission processes for students, colleges and high schools. By harnessing the research, ideas, leadership and imagination of thoughtful educators, EC delivers appropriate advice, advocacy and services. In a short period of time EC has established its presence and enlisted significant interest and support nationwide.

Recent developments include:
  • "Information Matters" Research investigates the college planning needs of prospective college students and makes a case for improving the quality and delivery of guidence and information. Executive summary and full report available here.
  • "Find the Best Colleges for You" A guide to help students identify, find, and apply college selection information. Produced by Consumer Reports based on the results of the Information Matters research. The guide can be accessed here.
  • "You Can Go" A Web site developed in partnership with the College Board to help inspire, inform, and assist those students facing the biggest hurdles to college access. The site can be accessed here.
  • "Big Future" A comprehensive college planning Web site developed in partnership with the College Board, which incorporates many of the precepts established during the Beyond Ranking meeting. The site can be accessed here.
Current Projects:
  • "Financial Aid: Gaining insight into the thinking behind the policy." Research into how college presidents think when they formulate financial aid policy. Funded by the Spencer Foundation.
  • Why College Matters. A book project exploring how college shaped the lives of distinguished individuals.
  • Strategic Planning. Determining what is next for the Education Conservancy.
We invite you to explore and make use of College Unranked; developments; our guiding values; our expanding resources for students, parents and counselors; and the list of those supporting the EC. We welcome your membership, comments and the opportunity to send you updates via our email list.

For more information, contact us directly and also join our email update list.

Lloyd Thacker
EC Executive Director

805 SW Broadway, Suite 1600
Portland, OR 97205
Phone 503.290.0083
Fax 503.973.5252
New Resources
"Information Matters: Addressing the Needs of Prospective College Students" Research project Executive Summary, Full Report

"You Can Go" Website for inspiring students facing significant hurdles to attending college

"Big Future" Comprehensive College Planning website.

"Find the Best Colleges for You" College planning guide for students

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Ending the College Admissions Frenzy
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For Use by All
We Admit...Guidance From Those Who Do - a popular and useful poster among colleges and high schools.

EC Overview - a brief synopsis of our mission, strategy, accomplishments and current projects.

EC's Collegiate Contributors - a comprehensive list of those who have supported our projects and organization.

"College Admissions: What Are Students Learning?" - Pilot research about the impact of the college admissions process on students' attitudes and behaviors.